Slipcraft Real Deal

Posted in Uncategorized by waldopaper on July 1, 2016

Escaping the Suburbs  



“We’re literally stuck up a cul-de-sac in a cement SUV without a fill-up”  – James Howard Kunstler

Half a year and over a thousand miles from the Turret... and it’s still a shakedown cruise.  

Passed the History Dumpster to downtown in a much bigger city where we intend to climb State Street on the bones of this wonderful machine: Slipcraft Alpha.   You see her without electrics or accessories, only Schlumpf mountain crank forward, NuVinci hub aft.  Notice the 26×4″ fatties at around 9 psi.  Means nothing if you haven’t grappled the physics.

This is not a rich man’s golf-cart toy.  This is an early version of the plow.  This is Pharoh’s chariot without horses or slaves.  This is Utuzi’s  pure copper ax.  If you can’t see it… wait.  You will.  Soon most of  your vital supplies will arrive aboard slipcraft.  You can cross the continent with legs and sunshine without another animal slave of any kind.  This is the miniature clockwork that gives you latitude.   Serpent’s Breath of the Viking.

Twinkle in the eye of the internal combustion engine, it is what it is: another stage of gearing sealed and maintenance-free.  Planetary gears or something like that.  Like the Universe and shit.  That’s the secret: dividing the labor.  Electrics is just frosting on the cake.  And what a cake it is!   Apocalypse vs. Progress.  The Greer vs. Greer paradox. Slipcraft Alpha is neither silver-bullet nor mad-max.

The deal is trading horsepower with horse sense.





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  1. Roger Hudson said, on July 5, 2016 at 11:39 am

    Where do you find this creature?

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