Shakedown Cruise

Posted in Reality by waldopaper on October 11, 2015

Alien Looks on Cemetery Hill  

“Star light lost in the night”Jay Ferguson

There aint no victory at sea unless it’s mutiny.  

If you are in a room full of elephants… and you talk about the elephant in the room… that makes YOU the elephant in the room.  Lord I miss my home.  I miss that woman.

And now eye got to go to see again.  It was…

A good time to be rifle salesman, Cemetery Hill  a logical place to be.  Jagermeister’s son had to shoot and eat animals all his life.  Been with them since Chancellorsville.   Andre Deutscher that is.  Und Elizabeth live there, so what.  Have papers from General Schurz.  Now Frenchy Spencer boy thinks he can shoot.

Have seen how peasants use rifles in war.  Like clubs.  Spears, shovels.  Thousands of them make rain that make you dead like Liz buried mummies.  Southron boys have purchased mine fine Sharps rifles as well as other things und now they– wzchzeeWOK!,,. are trying to kill US.  Frenchy thinks he can hit Southron boy up there.

Frenchy has telescope tube like mine.  See Frenchy miss Southron and Southron hit Frenchy and smoke… rain rain rain boomer noise donner und blitz shit.  Und smoke und Southron boy roof top head a-peeking.  Do not know why eye fired.  Wanted to show Frenchy how to shoot I guess.  Southron fall long time land on head.  Meat led.

Eye got sick.  He all ready dead.  It was a shakedown cruise.


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  1. Slipcraft Real Deal | waldopaper said, on July 1, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    […] a year and over a thousand miles from the Turret… and it’s still a shakedown cruise.  Passed the History Dumpster to downtown in a much bigger city where we intend to climb State […]

  2. robinonfoot said, on November 1, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    I can’t read for shit. Of course, Andre shot the southern boy. Showed Frenchy how to shoot. Dooby dooby dooooooo…. yeah, gimme more of the story…. want more.

  3. robinonfoot said, on October 11, 2015 at 10:43 am

    Andre Deuther is the rifle salesman?  He watched the southorn boy kill Frenchy?   But both had the Sharps, with scopes perhaps too the southern fella?   Andre…. is your alien, the guy who walks into the US war, sells his weapons of death, and leaves without Elizabeth?   And what of her man?  Does daddy come home to his little girl?   Oh time, and all the many twists, which we experience but one.   Would you come back, if you could, and experience it all another way?   Would you be able to choose?   Bah… it seems to matter more, or be more matter?, what is next.   Fourth dimension?  Then what of 5 or 6 or …… are well all in the Eye of God, or is that a supposition that there is one, or One?   Quantum is too much for this head.   Prefer to eat mushrooms, if I could get ’em.   Alcohol just makes me stupider, but humans need to alter the media tsunami, and somehow figure out how to be.   do be do be dooo (isn’t that Buddah Bee’s quote?)   R

    • waldopaper said, on October 11, 2015 at 12:16 pm

      “dooby dooby doo…” –Frank Sinatra

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