Growing A Part

Posted in Uncategorized by waldopaper on September 20, 2015

Male Pattern Baldness  

“The fundamental force that acts between leptons and is involved in the decay of hadrons.”  –weak force

“We just grew apart…”  Yeah, that happens.  Usual boilerplate for a divorce.  Old guys understand.  Your part gets wider.  Then one day you get the first sunburn on your head.  Then the hats and heart attacks happen.  Then one day you are dead.  Big deal.  Did it not seem real?  You don’t get the jokes after the strokes.  Hadrons hardly happen.

Maybe it was around 2005 when many of us grumpy old men fell through the cracks between condescending asshole and coo-coo head.  When the 911 exploding tower instant replay all day lit up all those nodes and everybody else seemed to go stoopid bowl gold fish-a-bye…  everybody not flapping flags and doodle doing was marginalized.  No country for grumps.

From flamboyant fakery to fool-ass TV, considering the obviously inside-job option became “conspiracy theory.”  Nothing new there.  Anybody who has watched the stars in a remote area has seen them do strange things.  Any pilot with any time at all has either seen  “UFOs” or knows another pilot who has.  We don’t talk about The Others.  Just like we don’t talk about Israeli nuclear weapons.

People who talk about the elephant in the room are offensive… to the people who don’t want you to talk about Sanity Clause in front of the kids.  Especially to the kids who think Sanity Clause is real.  Here it is:  we are all One.  The Others have learned that peace is essential to transcending space/time.  That’s IT.  The rest, as Elizabeth said, are trifles…. long before Dorothy Hartley discovered Food in England.

What has changed since being retired (unemployed) is… whatever I was into- at least once weekly I had to relate whatever-it-was to “writing.” Not a problem… but I had no idea how much that would change not only media exploration… but my perception of the “carbon world” (shit i experienced today).  Consumers consuming and the Endless Growth Paradigm remains largely unchallenged except for a growing number of “libtards and hippies.”

There is no time for rough drafts and peer reviews.  Trillions of “dollars” disappeared down an imaginary accounting hole since “911.”  Not surprising… since the “dollars” are imaginary as well.   But there is a device that looks remarkably like an electric motor capable of changing space/time as we know it… that is real as rain.  And… we will not be able to use it until war becomes as repugnant as cannibalism.  The Others will remain encrypted until we realize this.

Put your face in the place daily at the big-box compound, you get a nodding-recognition with the workers over the  years…mostly young folk.  The oldster workers seem to treat you more as a faceless meat-puppet… or they have learned to mask the glimmer of recognition.  I would like to think that most of the “consumers” are as alien to me as they are to the workers.  Had the experience for the past 15 years.

But Hartley’s research method Fitts the #crashup in the Silk Road


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