The Rolling Doughnut.

Posted in Uncategorized by waldopaper on August 31, 2015

For years I wondered 

what “taking a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut” would look like.

It’s called a torus… and it has magical properties that can also be explained with math and stuff.  I more interested in a machine (like a dog) that comes to you when you call it.  So sorta imagine the electrical field from a multiple fet controller looks like that.  Harvest the field with a string motor…

80% off your electric bill using thin air!

The Hole-with-a-mellow-role Blues.  Except it’s white.  And old.  Like me.

“…and home-loving dreamers blowing a bubble. Pop!”  P. Zmolek

It’s ratty.  It’s small.  It aint no place at all.  But since Mom in the burbs kicked his old ass to the curb, Pop’s severance pay won’t come to do naught.  There’s that… and look what I found a couple days ago:  A wowzer gramps old-fuck titanium frame:

T-150 touched small

Oh yeah- and speaking of Pop…  the stock market crashed today!  And don’t forget the fairing.  It aint a Slipcraft without tinted fairing with the official Slipcraft ™ decal!

GX OnePoint Fairing Kit

Now… imagine the Ti frame with fairing and fat-tire quad configuration…


Powered by Davinci Drive…    

Even brokenhearted old boys have time for their toys.  You grow old because you stop playing.

Heh.  The house is facing South.  See the solar panels up there?  There’s a trap-door on the roof.  It leads to the walk-in closet for the loft that’s already there.  Bed and all my shit can fit up there.  Hook and the lads can pick me up when clouds cover the moon.   Which leaves the entire downstairs for… ta-da… my office.  From which I will market the Slipcrart ™ globally.  Maybe do some crowd-funding shit.  And get a Facebook page.  And a you boob channel.  Straight on until morning.

First trip… is to Germany by ship.  


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