Girl, Jesus.

Posted in Uncategorized by waldopaper on July 28, 2015

Men I Could Depend On    


It should have been your dad but it never has been and it’s not going to change.”  –dfc

Feelings are not a good indicator in times like these.  It’s like flying on instruments.  Believe your instruments… but don’t go chasing needles.  Whoever could measure up to a dead dad or brother?  They are absent…  one from the other.     

Paradox, whoa.  Vertigo.  Pilots call it the leans.    A lot of people auger into the ground…  because of their feelings.   Abrasiveness becomes abuse and all that PC horseshit the tea baggers hate.  Grains of truth.  Do you see the Tao in this picture?    Yin and Yang?    Ghosts inside your head.

Defensiveness.  Like the way the fucking war department became the department of defense.   Offensive. Defensive.  It’s in the American DNA to claim self-defense.  When you are defending yourself-  by blowing up people-  on the other side of the world-  by remote control…  best believe there be bullshit feelings involved in that kind of cleanup.  Like teary-eyed kitsch.

Everybody is a moderate. Everybody is a fiscal conservative.  Nobody is an extremest.  Everybody is a player. Unless they say they are.  Then you can be pretty sure they are not.  Call me a sexist pig, but women seem to like talking about feelings.  Women and shrinks.  To most guys, it’s like talking about turds.

Nothing to be ashamed of.  But I wouldn’t polish it and put it on the dashboard.  You can prove turds.  You can not prove feelings.  Other than that, the similarity between feelings and turds is striking.  Or splashing.  If you think about it.  Every morning we take a dump in a big bowl of potable water.

Then we open a bottled water and talk about our feelings.  Because our feelings are sensitive and turds are offensive.  Thinking and feeling do not have the same meaning.  Now, be sure to flush.  Gosh, hon. bathroom bowl sure needs cleaning.  Think of the germs.  I’ll use Sani-flush.  Nobody thinks of the germs.

Not like we think of the children, right?  But that’s way too fucking complicated.  It’s easier to think of the germs.  Whatever they are.  But they make you sick, right?  Somebody told us in a book to worry less about the nasty outside and more about the nasty inside… whoever that was.  Different kinds of sickness maybe?

Difference between dirt and duplicity  


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  1. robinonfoot said, on July 28, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    Posted a reply…..   you make some good points!  Venus/Mars…. all that.   r

  2. robinonfoot said, on July 28, 2015 at 8:58 pm

    Feelings, like most of our words, need our logic to tame them. Logic needs our feelings to understand empathy.

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