Girl, Jesus.

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Men I Could Depend On    


It should have been your dad but it never has been and it’s not going to change.”  –dfc

Feelings are not a good indicator in times like these.  It’s like flying on instruments.  Believe your instruments… but don’t go chasing needles.  Whoever could measure up to a dead dad or brother?  They are absent…  one from the other.      (more…)



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Soap-dish Madness   


“I have emotion about this.  I’m losing it…  We… have been waiting so long… for someone to listen to us.”  — Ruppert

It’s some sort of madness that goes with the collapse.  We all have it.  Some of us are carriers- others are immune.  Just realized that Mike Ruppert offed himself.  One of the great american writers of our time: apocalypse, man.   (more…)