Mandolin Wind

Posted in Answers, Reality, Stupid-heads by waldopaper on March 7, 2015

Coldest Night of the Year 



Oh I never was good with romantic words
So the next few lines come really hard   —Mandolin Wind

Sure hope it is.  Year is young by calendar but 16 below is just another number like that.  Cold, said the Siberian, is when nobody loves you.  

It was cold as shit New Year’s Eve, too, but not cold like that.  It was the kind of cold that rolls down the walls if you are fortunate enough to be inside.   Outside, it can kill you quicker than a frog fart, but no, that is not the language we are hearing.

Buttonhole that idea for a minute, boldest knight of the fair.  Metaphors only live if they are not beaten to death.  Language is one effective way of making noise after death.  Language is making noise.  We are the monkey that learned to sing like  birds, our co-inhabitants of the canopy, where we learned to sing and hope to get laid.  Other animals do that too… hope, that is.

Beyond Hope is where we need to be, but when we get there nobody seems to like it much.  We struggle in the jaws when there is no hope.  So why the struggle?  Get another camera.  phone cam would be good enuff.  whoops.  except you can’t really operate it in broad daylight.  Really shoots good in a room though.  Good for selfies.  Kinda like pistols.  Here’s a fun game for the coldest pipe in the beer:

Try connecting the dots through the following topics:  Socialism, Peak Oil, Permaculture, equality, authoritarianism, technical singularitycivil war and mythos.  Really, it’s hard to NOT connect the dots.  And ya gotta love wikipedia. Try it, and find yourself wondering,” …don’t these assholes have wikipedia on their phones?”    No matter.  No energy.  They used to use pistols for such things, making noise.  Language is making noise.

Machine is helping us hear all and understand none.



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  1. robinonfoot said, on March 8, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    Don’t you think we filter, like the camera choices we now have.   I loved Derrick Jensen’s “Beyond Hope”….   and you are right; it is the place to be.   So, as we go beyond hope, we have to remember to keep making noise to communicate and help each other.  I’ve been reading lately about community.  It’s what we lack the most in our country these days.   We have all kinds of things, but very little community.  See?  I’m even TYPING this to you instead of walking next door.   But no matter, at least you’re reading it and I’ve read your “coldest night of the year”.   Be warmed, my brother, by the love you really have and that you share.  Kim and I messaged last night, mostly about Bo, but some about her plans.   What was so important to her was that you sent her an email saying you were “sorry about Bo” or something.  She was really touched.   She was so so sad.   This dog was her mentor, as all our doggies seem to be, don’t they?   Good dogs… good dogs are so precious.   Like life.   And you’ve given love maybe you don’t even know about — some powerful mojo to Elsa.  That you have entrusted her and Zeke with a composition… wow…. that is love, some powerful stuff.   I don’t know if you know what a difficult and dark time of things Elsa is having now.  She probably has not told you.  She doesn’t really tell me.   I’ve just watched it, and tried to reach in, but sometimes – often – fuck it up.   But there is love, coming at her from her Uncle Jeb.   Blind-sided, and that is a wonderful thing.   Thanks for sharing this piece.  Maybe the machine is helping us hear  — what we understand becomes our choice.   Listen.   Listen, says my inner voice (when I choose to hear it.)   Your writing has some powerful love and some deep resonating effect, not just on me, but in the grand pool of our times.  Keep them words comin’, my brother.  love, Robin 

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