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 “A stinking and hellish nightmare…’  who would go to see that?  


And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

— Genesis 2:18  King James Version (KJV)

Gawkers, opportunists and bereaved.  Sometimes the nightmare seems to come to you.  Like SRO headline writing… and if you are looking for ten of anything here, it is likely that chemicals are using you just like the machine.  It’s all about clicks and eyeballs, kid.  Go here…

Gettysburg National Time Park    


“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  —Eleanor Roosevelt

The idea is to create the first National Time Park like John Muir and TR created the first National Park at Yosemite.  GNTP is a spherical time capsule.  Begin with the Battlefield Park as it is today.  Then within a spherical space encompassing the Park, everything below and above is kept as it was in 1863 as much as possible That means, all pipes, all wires removed, and no more people allowed inside the sphere than were present in July, 1863.

Remove the monuments.  They were not present July, 1863.  People allowed to live inside the sphere must maintain and preserve all states of infrastructure and technology in 1863 state  as much as possible.  No aircraft are allowed inside the sphere.  No drilling.  No electricity.  No power tools.  “Residents” are kept at 1863 level… about 2500,  “Visitors” allowed one week per year, say 200, 000, “Union” and “Confederate.”  No internal combustion engines.  No LiPo batteries.  Livestock must be preserved and maintained.

A better idea would be to freeze the sphere in time exactly as it is now and freeze the time technology and access restricted to July 4 1863 in perpetuity,  keep the monuments where they are and let it all go wild.  Like a nature preserve.  Leave the wires there, let them fall down.  Sort of like the difference between the preservation at Auschwitz and Birkenau.  Preserve Gettysburg like Birkenau and let it fall down.  Auschwitz was a work camp.  Birkenau was a death camp.  Auschwitz was designed to be permanent,  Birkenau temporary.

Gettysburg was a death camp and it still is today.  For a brief time, Birkenau land was used specifically to kill people, and so was Gettysburg.  Mark off an area exactly the same size as Birkenau and let it fall down.  Let the residents there practice permaculture.  Let them decide what to do with the 200,000 visitors allowed inside the sphere for the next however-many-years-it-is since the sphere/capsule/Time Park is sealed July 1-3 1863.  Germs killed as many in either place as gas or bullets did.  Weapons killed for days, germs for years.

Memes from all those places are still killing us today, and we are no more aware of them then most residents of Gettysburg Pa., USA were of germs on July 1, 1863.  Yet typhoid took Rosa more than a decade after the battle because typhoid was as common as a collection call is today… and for a lot of the same reasons… among them: ignorance.  That is why all the permanent residents of Gettysburg National Time Park should be memeticists.  The objective is study of the Gettysburg meme evolution from July 4 1865 to date of seal.

Capitalism is packed in that meme… along with war, nationalism and technology.. complex ideas that form themselves into distinct memorable units.  So John Muir pointed out to Teddy Roosevelt, would you care to see Yosemite “preserved” the way Niagara  Falls has?   That idea became repulsive to TR,  which is amazing.  They saw the difference between Paris and Las Vegas before Vegas ever existed.  Both people understood memes before the word even existed.   What happened in the next 50 years between Gettysburg and Ypres?

Livestock.  We still call them livestock.  Cattle and horses bought, sold, worked and consumed… but with far greater cruelty, compartmentalization and disassociation in ways shaped by cultural selection pressure.  Sounds kind of like slavery, doesn’t it?  Yet in the Gettysburg Address, slavery was not specifically mentioned once… but everybody knew it was there… and most people still do.  That’s how memes work… similar to germs.  Toxins produced by bacteria are spandrils, incidental to the programed purpose of the organism.

Let the monuments stay.  Let them fall down.  Let the 2500 resident memeticists practice permaculture and watch the forests return.  Doctors in 1863 could barely tell the difference between typhus and typhoid.  People were about to emerge from the Middle Ages.  Typhoid, typhus and terror are have similar root causes: parasites and eating shit.  We know the pathology of the germs now, but we are just now able to see the memes.  To a memeticist, the parasites are political and the shit is in most of the processed food we eat: advertising.

The tourist industry was starting to hatch at Gettysburg before the battlefield stopped stinking.  Peter Thorn had  a go at it in 1880 with the Battlefield Hotel that was the Wagon Hotel before the war.  Everybody had to come and see the Big Fucking Thing.  That was after Peter and Elizabeth moved to town and Rosa died after Rosa saw what Elizabeth saw.  They had to quit the cemetery.  They abandoned the portal, and the Queen is angry. Elizabeth transformed free will to cause-and-effect.  Resa could transform to a raven as she learned to walk.

There are no snack bars that were once a delousing stations like today at Auschwitz.  There are no toilets at Birkenau except ruins of concrete septic tanks.  Old dogs of each regiment pissed stone and iron to mark their territory at Gettysburg.   Visit Las Vegas, visit Paris.  Visit Yosemite where the big fucking thing is the big fucking thing.   Memeticists and permaculturists will probably isolate and detoxify the gettysburg meme in about 200 years and develop an inoculation long before that.  This inoculation could prevent war and famine.

The most important thing is to occupy the portal until Rosa passes though again with capital letters.



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  1. robinonfoot said, on September 21, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    You are working some heavy and fascinating stuff here. I do understand the meme quest, — am I calling this correctly? — and seeing what it is that one meme supports, or is supported by. I wonder if the “big fucking thing” – be it an idea, a cultural more, a push in one direction, or a literal thing – creates the meme, or if people want to bend a concept to fashion it to their own liking and thus create the meme. Probably a little of both. (Thinking this idea is about as old as you and the Trid, eh?)

    I’m baffled by your last line: The most important thing is to occupy the portal until Rosa passes though again with capital letters. What do you mean, in terms we can talk about? I don’t know how to express my understanding of this, but I’ll try. The portal is your connection to the timelessness, the Unseen as Kim talks about it, or the Universe as Lucy speaks of it. If the portal is your connection, perhaps also to the muses, then you are waiting for the Rosa-muse to come back to speak… and the capital letters are loudly? Or do you mean we should ALL be occupying the portal and Rosa, or who/what ever the idea/being is will speak again…. I propose there is a constant voice. The Still Small Voice is always with us, isn’t it?

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