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A Gift from Germania


Und hat ein Blümlein bracht
mitten im kalten Winter,
wohl zu der halben Nacht.

— Anon.

Once upon a time there was a hill.  The hill is still there.  But the people who were there once upon a time are not there yet. 

First things come first you bet.  There was their whirr planning a block party.  Everybody is supposed to have a costume, so it must be Halloween.  But it is hotter than bubble neck bones, so it must be July.  Oh my.  Once upon time gets confusing never mind.  Story must have an ending to get behind.


Ono is in charge.  She minces about telling Marge where the tables should go, and approaching Ono from behind Winnie the Pro.  Howdy duty rumbled dew tea fight begins.  Pay attention, now, or nobody wins.  Winnie had the skinny from the boss, you see, where the party favors and guesses should be.  Scones and crumpets are flying saucer teapot outs a bag.  Remember they are performing this in drag.


Lil Abner playing baseball north of town delays the clown who is supposed to make balloon animals for the kids.  Now they talk about feelings and nobody sees their stealing base platters from the batters making cookies.  Rainbow puppies dancing bear throwing glitter everywhere and ice cream jingles the rookies.  Panda Mick is coming down the pike bass are drumming and the children are not supposed to see the bookies.


Dutch boys in wooden shoes clop they Yankee Doodle dues while belles sell phony twitter tweets.  Chirpy mars a pan and according to the plan come mutiny marching up the streets.  All is going well and that Ward does not ring a bell as the Beaver stuffs her muffin full of sweets.  Gnu birth of freedom from the zoo kangaroo courts Santa Claus gum on the seats.  It is a happy tale wagging cupcake walking music on hand-out sheets!


Somewhere inside a puppy is whimpering.  Nobody is there to pet it.  On once upon a time hill a Rose left a secret.  Nobody has time to get it.  They get rituals like noisy gongs and clanging symbols.  They get actions and jesters.  It festers like a Thorn in the language they think they were born with.  Here is a gift from your mothers while you watch base ball of your brothers.  It comes from your mother Germania!


Gloriana is used to the mania.  It was the revolution of forty eight where they almost got it straight from the hill where Rosa grows like a frail weed.  She grins at you like a Halloween pumpkin.  Es ist ein Ros entsprungen! She holds it in her right hand with a poky thing:  a little boy hears a puppy sing.  He mocks a planning block party.  Nobody likes a smarty.  Sounds like Christmas what is up?  He goes to find the pup.


Ancient wisdom is a little dog song.  We forget what we know all along axial precession heard a little Hessian.  We are busy keeping score and what lets you open door or at least try is a cry of a puppy.  Degree of difference takes a life time.  How long have we been keeping track?  Once you are here you know you are going back and fourth day baggage trail looks like a line.  Block parties are fine but here is what you are looking for.

No time to regret it:

Get it!    



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