Dream of Owls

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Thanks to the Chickens.

no dream

She then turned the reporters into magpies and flew off into the sky in her magical black cauldron.  Baba Mack 

Owls as raptors usually hunt in low-light conditions.  Their sight is especially attuned, and so is their hearing.  Owls as raptors signature  flight characteristics: silent… the kind of stealth needed in the dark.  Seeing without being seen… hearing without being heard… knock and it shall be opened.

Days are getting shorter and night approaches more quickly.  WalMart looters and script-writers alike understand the relationship between speed and distance.  We are born to it these days with fossil-fuel engines.  Remarkably, we seem to have no clue about energy and distance… and most see it as the price of gas. But everybody sees it hitting the wall.  For some it has been a slow-motion train wreck.  For others, it’s a bullet hitting the glass.  New Tech as a Force Modifier and Equalizer: Can we make it happen?  Already have.

For now.  New tech… particularly cell phones… creeps in like sauce-whiff from a barbecue. It is quite possible to get good components easily.  The real problem is that we have not made the transition back to horse-speed life yet.  Did see that one coming… but were not quite prepared for it.  Like the preppers.  At their base level, they’re all about looting the WalMart during the Zombie apocalypse. At more esoteric levels, preppers are more like James Kunstler  But everybody sees it hitting the wall.  And nobody is really prepared for it.

Those of us who have heard invisible wings have been preparing for it all our lives.  And tomorrow is a busy day.  We’ve got things to do.  We’ve got eggs to lay.

There ain’t nobody here but us chickens, there ain’t nobody here at all
So quiet yourself, stop that fuss, ain’t nobody here but us
Kindly point that gun the other way
And hobble, hobble, hobble off and hit the hay   

Sleep tight, patriots.  We haul your trash, connect your calls, guard you while you sleep.  In the morning you will be on the watchtower bright and early… just like the boss told you.  We got ground to dig… worms to scratch.  Meanwhile your boss is cooking up another batch of uniforms bright and new.  You will never hear the drones coming for you.  But not us chickens.  And there aint nobody here but us chickens.  Now hobble off and repeal Obamacare.  Or whatever.

Patriots seem to be blind to what’s going on Behind Greening:  10 Breakthrough 2013   False EquivalenceLiberal Stuff.  “Employer-sponsored health insurance plans dramatically expanded as a direct result of wage controls imposed by the federal government during World War II.”  The not-sees do not seem recognize themselves from the old newsreels.  They love parades… and uniforms… and flags… and wars that do not seem to affect them personally.  Dream of ow(l)s.

I never thought I’d live to see the day, but now I think I will.”  Tomorrow.


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