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Do you know the muffin, man? 

Image…the alternative is returning to a normal, far less energy-intense human existence.  –Bachman

This is the new multi-toolpromises to be the most promising (2.0) gizmo yet… if it works as advertised.

Around ’05 went to Yellow Springs to meet with Pat Murphy and Quinn the Medicine Woman.   Peak Oil activated a lot of us who believed (still do) that energy is the lynch-pin running all the spinning plates.  Hoped to study at Antioch. learn about the Agraria project and take the show on the road by booking the group in krakkerland.    Didn’t happen that way.

But this gizmo might replace the laptop… that replaced the desktop 20 years ago.  Course the laptop rarely leaves the desk… but it CAN.  just rarely does.  this is the real net mobility that has taken 20 years.  Wore the phone too… but always considered phones pretty useless until texting came along.  the yups dove into it with their Blackberrys… but the teensy keyboards didn’t work for me.  and they never could draw.  touch screens?  meh.

wiping yer greasy digits over the glass never made much sense to me.  but the phablet is finally here.

congressman says Obama shook hands with “the dictator of Tehran” —

wow.  do you think he actually “believes” that shit?  probably does not matter.  lost patience trying to make a distinction between “true believers” and charlatans.  who cares?  they seem to be all the same. the opera plays on… and now i am starting to notice things… like the barefoot soldiers having clean feet… that i did not notice when i first saw it.  now the opera is going broke.

production costs.  compare Gettysburg the battle with the movie… with the text.  Compare the latest draft and a review.  But before the first oboe squealed or first cannon boomed… it does not seem (that there was) any kind of script at all.  Oh yeah… Lincoln threw up a thumbnail and everybody said “wow.”  Herman knew ticks edit that puppy good… and nobody ever found out who the fuck Herman was.  Melville knew.  (That there was) hermeneutics.

Meaning we cast into words but a shadow of the manitou.  Torch-eyed and horrible, foam-flanked and terrible it dances before an audience that does not seem to see it.  That is why the audience is the enemy.  For them, a brick wall is a manitou.  If they could see it, they would run for their lives indeed.  Dam peed.  Fire.  And the others rattle back and you can’t see for the smoke blown up everybody’s ass.

We must never forget among the audience someone sees the elephant dancing above their heads on flesh-splattered wheels of fire.  It may be easier to catch with this phablet thing.  Now everybody’s got a movie studio in their pocket.  Why isn’t anybody making popcorn?  Maybe this really is twilight of the gods.  Insane clown posse distracted them…all froze in the dark.  Light farts in the park.

The audience is the enemy.  They see everything you do.


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  1. chasloew said, on October 6, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    Wrapped the phone in a towel and put it in the kitchen drawer… waited for the secret ring sequence and only then wore it. Caller ID before caller ID was cool.

    • waldopaper said, on October 7, 2013 at 11:52 am

      back in the ’50s some kids’ parents had kids answer the phone as part of learning to talk. answering machines before they existed.

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