Memo to the Sane People

Posted in Answers, Rants, Reality, Stupid-heads by waldopaper on August 14, 2012

 You know what is going on.

The planet is cooking, infrastructure crumbling, monetary system collapsed, energy is browning out and here comes global famine and war.  And what do the citizens do?  They line up at a fast-food chain store at the mall to support “biblical values.”  Why?  Because one of their chief chuckle-heads said, “…affirm a business that operates on Christian principles and whose executives are willing to take a stand for the Godly values we espouse.”    What’s that, fried chicken?  Lots of Christians are sane people too, you know.

However, these citizens are crazy and dangerous.  That is not an opinion.  As in Germany in the 40s or Rwanda in the 90s, they are likely to swarm.  So we get to throw that into the problem bucket along with global famine and war.  Crazy people will be of little help.  Let us get started by addressing issues in the order of energy, environment, economy and peace.  Nationalize the energy grid and the railroads.  Establish universal health care like all the sane places in the world.  Put solar panels on buildings and remove toxins from the air, water and mind.  It’s either that or a bloody apocalypse.

Institute Permaculture for food production and begin food forests to last thousands of years.  Put all utility lines underground.  Phase out the monetary system and the useless puppet show that passes itself off as “government.”  It is still our right to alter or abolish it.  Replace them with a better medium of exchange and a wiser way of cooperation.  Until peace is idealized more than war, our world will be stained with greed and violence. With energy creation instead of war destruction, the new cycle begins.  We can do all of this if we can survive the stupidity.

If can long endure the crazies, anything is possible.

There is trouble in Disneyland.  The homeless peasants are brutally suppressed by storm troopers outside the Potemkin village Amerikan Kultur; the big Kitsch Pugaweenee Ponerologic pushed up our collective rectory ever since the Fabulous Fifties.  Davy Crockett TV is clogged with dead Indians.  Nothing is real in the Magic Kingdom™, it’s better!  Like France only not so dirty!  And you can understand the waiter!  What could be better?  Ummm… maybe France?  The real one?  You have lost them by now.  “Real” is a gnarly concept in The Happiest Place on Earth™.

They totally hated real France.  It took forever to find McDonalds™, and no, they are not joking.  They have been stuck in some kind of 1957 Groundhog Day™ for the past 50 years before their mother was born and you had best not laugh.  They are serious as a .357 magnum.  They are applying in droves to guard the Magic Castle™.  They are dangerous because they will “believe” anything they like. They live in canned big-box lives for at least two generations.  “Those who can make people believe absurdities can make them commit atrocities.”

It is those who have been Red-baiting since before grandma was born with absurdities and outright lies.  Walt Disney™ himself was a master baiter.  They have been coming into our brains for half a century.  So what’s so strange about going to a chicken joint in the mall for God?  Absurdity and atrocity careen out of tune toward cruel fire.  Communism™ is booing at a wrestling match like Capitalism™ is rooting for the Colts™.  Religion™ is Charlton Heston™ and later on Buddy Jesus™ at the old bawl game in Church™.  The girls are active in church work church work church work shopping!  Here aboard das Boot.

Alarm!  Alarm!

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  1. Robin Brennan-Perez said, on August 14, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Well, said. … and said, maybe heard…. and heard, maybe employed. I’m going to go put some seeds in the garden. Nice work, Waldopaper!!

  2. playfulmeanderings said, on August 14, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Just found your blog — love it!

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