Compost Modern Movement

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Double Blind Sided

A Compost modern movement opera:

Kafka’s German Process 

waldopaper© 2012


(Narrator in Waffen SS Uniform)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Panopticon is a type of institutional building designed by English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late eighteenth century. The concept of the design is to allow a watchman to observe (-opticon) all (pan-) inmates of an institution without their being able to tell whether or not they are being watched.


(Very friendly cast all wearing uniforms)   (-except where noted- these are all civilian workers’ uniforms- fast food, mechanic, bus driver, etc.)

Ich bin Gott im Frankenreich!

Vir sind nicht die selbes gleich!

(Josef K as himself in civilian clothes)   

I am God dam France!

We are awl naught juice din sane!   And now you know my name is Josef K.  Protagonist tin Kafka play who is he they say. Meme is who.  Who is he?  He is she. Nam dog is fish.  Anyone who studies Hebrew knows this.  The Germans tried to kill them all in forty two.  And of course you know Franz Kafka was a Jew.

(The Narrator is the Judge.  He stands wherever he wants in the theater as soon as he is finished.  Josef K goes to the operating table in the center of the theatre and remains there the entire performance.  From this point all performance is directed toward either the Judge or Josef K., seldom toward the audience —  actor and director discretion)

(Josefina in French maid uniform or may be Nuns.)

France and God are not the same!  He goes on vacation there. Josefina point eye panopticon (points around into audience theater) A caring someone witches Yew.  Weather or knot cog dis is true.  Josef though did not know. Where go with ought to do.  Anyone who studies men would know this.  So they published Kafka’s Trial in twenty five.  He dead knot finish it Bratwurst snot full live!

(Copper Knot in USMC fatigues / accusation of K)

Instant Message: cop or not?  You look like a Black Horse- 10 A-CAV!  You are thirty years old you say.  Then you will remember the day. Marked by menacing complexity!  And Charlie had no tanks at Quang Tri. Must have been cool with all them big machines. Anyone who hunted Charlie knows this.  Out there it was just me and three marines.  And I say this not in jest.

(Knot and Chorus) 

You are under…

(Josef K.) 


Act One:  Introduction 



The matryoshka doll with no known ending. 

(Josef K.) 

The fabled matryoshka doll with no known ending,

We are living like God in France.!

Those woody weeble Russian dolls… one inside the other—

What else is a meta for?  We have no pants!

The fabled matryoshka doll with no known ending,

Now the next one inside are molecules

Like a war on terror… mistake on an error…

Maybe we all are tools!


The fabled matryoshka doll with no known ending

We act like we are opening the next one.

So small they were invisible before we were aware

It could be too small to see… or not even there!

The fabled matryoshka doll with no known ending

We act like we believe all this shit.

A senseless disorientating menacing complexity:

It could be that this is it!

(Copper Knot) 

When you believe in matryoshka dolls with no known ending

Or a planet who was born to fill your tank

You can get to heaven so you better luck dead

You might be some kind of a duck head!

Oh all the bullshit rationale we make has no known ending

We will believe what we want to without fears…

You can believe all the silly shit they fed you with spoons

You have been making your own for years!


The fabled matryoshka doll with no known ending

We act like we believe all this shit.

A senseless disorientating menacing complexity:

It wood be that this is…

Should be that this is…

Could be that this is it!

Brandon (in BSA uniform) and Valerie (in GSA uniform) 


He begins to think about Valerie.


Brandon thinks about Valerie whenever he is bored.  Brandon is bored when he is not terrified.  Ask Valerie to marry him… Not be some other guyed… but that will not matter.  Valerie will give her assents.  She wants babies’ lots of babies and love and cuddles and presence.  Valerie and Brandon will always be nineteen.  She wants love and babies, and Brandon steel cold on the scene.


But it is hot summer.  It is Chu Lai, Viet Nam.  It is 1968.  It is about time.   Darwinian Marines wear unmarked cammies and a crime.  Red Feather say… he and his partner weigh… about 300 pounds…  rifle and rounds.  Read Feather sniper a viper.  Valerie could carry the weight, but spice Frangipana.  She has a flat-six 230 Continental up front; like a high-octane version of our Cessna 170… back home in Indiana.


Valerie is a tomboy type.  She bore flannel shirts and smells a little like Ivory soap.  Brandon got close enough to smell her hair when they were making decorations for the prom.  He wanted to ask her, afraid she would say no.  Neither one of them went to the prom.  Brandon never knew how Valerie stayed home and cried.  Valerie never knew how Brandon got into dad’s whiskey and dry heaved prom night away.  Damn near died.


She read a lot of books and answered all the teacher’s questions.  She was quiet and shy unless she forgot to be when talking about horses or bugs.  She was small with thick braids and even thicker glasses.  Yeah, Valerie was a nerd… but so was Brandon.  Now Red Feather and his partner show up at least two hours before sky lit.  Even if it is dark Brandon sees the partner is a Vietnamese girl.  Brandon is the hot dog pilot.


Going up the water to Dong Hoi… they get aboard without a sound and Brandon fires up Valerie and she carries them off into darkness.  She climbs like a homesick angel.  Start the glide from FL 15 just as the sun is coming up and do it in the road.  Plenty of people watching us, but nobody does anything.  Red Feather and partner hop out and we are out of here.  Drop em off.  Go home.  Gas up.  Pick em up.  Avoid ground fire.


Pick up by Bau Tro lake exactly 24 Delta Tango Alpha.  Piece of cake.  Not so easy at RusselsPoint on HamiltonLake where Brandon would ask Valerie to marry him.  They would have a daughter who looked like Valerie was shy… read books and climbed trees.  They would have a boy who looked like Valerie and got into fights.  And then another girl and another and finally a boy Brandon called Tail End Charlie.


My boy Charlie pulls a hammerhead like nothing you ever saw.  Better than his dad… or his grandpa before him.  We land with rising sun and Red Feather scoots out of bush and into the back.  No partner.  Someone sure is watching us, and this time all of them have something that can shoot.  Dawn stars pop and flash small arms fire.  Valerie’s engine roars and she darts down the road with rifles diving in ditches.


If he had known how Valerie could cook he wood lawn mow them sonofabitches.  He would have run away to Canada where they live peaceful in a cozy cabin and make gingerbread boys.  Most of the flashes eleven o’clock low bank right and head into the sun.  2000 AGL now and nothing is likely to hit us.  If I knew how Valerie laughed I would have listened to music again.  Climb sweet girl homesick angel.


Red is squirming around back there he might be hit.  Turn to check out GOD splinter pain.  Somebody is shooting something blew the fucking starboard wing clean off.  Stomp port rudder aileron dive!  Valerie is soft and ivory soap angel in happy home morning sun… with children laughter and pancakes and sweet maple cockpit on fire.  Look homeward angel.  Ground rushing up at two o’clock high.


He begins to think about Valerie.

Act 2 Scene 1


(Josef K)  So are you a cop or not?

(Copper Knot)  You do not ask questions.  Eye ask questions.  EEE—WHY—EEE.  I OWE… YOU had a farm… girl you under arrest!

(Josef K)  So this is about the bank woe?

(Copper Knot)  Banquo?  The seed of Banquo kings?  The seed you spilled in the little farm girl who come in to work in your church library. This is seventies a Metrical division Preacher man!

(Josef K)  WHAT?  I am NOT a …preacher?  This is Bohemia!  This is 1920!

(Copper Knot) This is Chu Lai… the Third… Marines… and Americal Division buddy!  You think we did not see you shove Charlie into the baby sitter?  You think we would not come after you?  The panopticon (indicating audience)  sees everything!

(Josef K)  Oh dear!  This does not portend a happy ending…

(Copper Knot)  The kid died looking straight at death and had no fear.  Endings don’t get much happier than that.  Now tell us what you did to Valerie!


Ich bin Gott im Frankenreich

Wir sind nicht deine selbst am gleich

Wir am besten in Amerikaner Reich

Wir sind Gott im Frankenreich

Dich wir verkaufen ein magische puppe

Und die anderen in deine gruppe

Du wird glauben scheisse voll toll

Wir an habt es sagen – Du bist droll

Gib uns schnell deine Dokument

Wir küssen Po der ein Prozent

die neune elf Welt ist nicht dem gleich

Wir sind Gott im Frankenreich

Zehntel einem Prozent macht frei

blau weisse und rote Heuchelei!

Heimat Sicherheit und Fleisch

Katzenfett Gott im Frankenreich!

We are your invisible princess… We see everything you do.

When you stand in the mirror alone… We are a shade behind you.

Before the Law there was nothing… and eye was here for a while.

Panopticon rises like thunder… we look in your eye and smile.

We are the voice of your conscience… We are the child in your heart…

We are your kindness and culture… we are your music and art.

Sometimes you do not see us.  Always know we are there.

Gatekeepers know we are watching and you must beware.

Gatekeepers say we are not real.  Instead you must enter the Law.

Young man came up from the Country.  Nothing was all that he saw.

Gatekeeper say you cant go in now.  Possible some time you can.

Poor boy waited all his life and he was a dying old man.


She begins to think on Brandon.


Valerie thinks on Brandon when she is alone.  Valerie is alone when she looks on the sky.  Brandon has bright eyes… Brandon can fly.  He will take her to the tower tell all about weather or knot he is going away.  He might even steel a kiss or two in their together.  But that will not matter… she will love him anyway.  They will marry in the church with the tall bell tower… the church where Valerie goes to pray.


Inside the church is Bishop Bob, a pious man who loves his job.  Galilee seems Valerie kneeling there with fervent prayer and shining braided hair.  Her fiancé is in the war, her prayer sincere her heart full sore.  And high the bell tower up above, where first refused her Brandon love.  Squeeze her eyes shut Brandon face the music in a happy place and round ball turret nipples whirl.  Sad is Valerie, unhappy girl.


He would take her hand in a gallant way she stepped aboard strange machine.  That day it smelled of oil and wind and sun, giddiness and gasoline.  Brandon sparks a throated roar and shaking with a whirlwind fore and movement on earth will drop away for Valerie who flew that day.  One day she will be the one. Day Brandon took her hand.  Ancient music bubbled up around the wedding band.


Valerie saved her virtue just for Brandon and the blessings of god by way Pastor Bob.  He pets cats and smiles at grandmas, shakes their hands and likes his job.  He uses hand for other things when not installing wedding rings.  Tears grip tight roll down her face he is smelling wet another place.  They wrote the vows and set the date and Bishop counseled her to wait the saving of her sacred skin for letting her young Brandon in.


It is late a summer night cloud thunder bird moon to Bishop Bob studying hard to leak.  Vigorous scripture fist pumps a sermon intercourse in the end of the weak.  He plunged the young boys into rectory calming fears and drying tears.  The little girls giggle and tingle at secret how only God can love them this way.  And Hellfire waits for those with stories little lamb who made thee boss.  Beautiful Zion wilts in sauce.


Tissue dabs blot up the Seminary ridge on little round top chair.  Squeak the wheels and zip the canon back into its secret lair.  Buckle clanks on desk protector and suddenly is icecap fear.  Banshee wail in tower bell and it sounded coffin near.  Colder than the depths of space and licking tongues of flame and dust of death and demons dark.  It flew from bell to landing.  Witching Bishop up the spiral.  Mark!   It shrieked a name!


Brandon!  Oh I saw your daddy grave rush up at two o’clock!  Brandon fire!  You are on fire!  Oh God please I want your cockpit underneath my right wing fire off rocket take me Brandon!  Take me flying!  Brandon!  I am dying!  Brandon!  Ground me round me pound me oh my God!  Brandon!  Aaa.  Eye can not breathe aye carnal breed! Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Brandon! 


Phantom from behind the hate and fate a fugue state hurt.  Bishop Bob lies “vasectomy” and quietly lifts her skirt.  Push the canon in to sacred skin and give a squirt.  Ring the bell open Hell another Holy lie to tell and Judge Mint drips come from above.  Bishop Bob gives Valerie a firm and more deliberate shove.  Valerie spread wing.  Rushing wind and Valerie fly Valerie crush skull concrete die.  Phone the police and call her mom.  Clean up come with telegram from Viet Nam.

(Narrator in Waffen SS Uniform)

We did not mean to start a war.  We did not mean to lie.  We did not mean to make all the millions die.  We passed an Enabling Act so no one could speak.  We wrote all the news and changed it week by weak.

(Copper Knot)

We had to stop the common mists a peace in Viet Nam and make the world safe for apple pie and Mom.  We put on a PATRIOT Act made everyone a traitor and just for desert do it all again later to whatever end we land in.


And Valerie thinks on Brandon. She flies out of her g-spot.  Her pains excused church fugue. State painted her brains on a parking lot.  Motor oil soul.  Thanks a lot!


Valerie and Brandon will always be nineteen.  They fell from heaven.  They left the scene.  Ein kann-nicht-anders tragedy between each reformation.  They died for their God and their Nation!  Gott mit Uns ein Volk so pure!  His Grace on thee and crown a tree from sea to shining sea!

Valerie and Brandon will live forevermore in a candy apple heaven with a parquet butter floor.  Bishop Bob still has his job.  But his soul is on fire for a boy in the choir and jelly springs gobble his knob.  It was business as usual in 1968.  Church business good business then– and busyness is great.

(Horst-Wessel leads in bellhop uniform) 

Die fanny hoax for Valerie and Brandon!  Essay marsh eared, Mitt rue egg fest in shit.

They died for freedom and democracy!  They died for cheese us– usury diamond Mitt!

(Chorus joins in)

Die fanny hoax for Valerie and Brandon!

Essay marsh eared, Mitt rue egg fest in shit.

They died for freedom and democracy!

They died for cheese us usury diamond Mitt!

(Chorus drops marching into background for Narrator,   continue Fanny Hoax with slow, determined steps)


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  1. Pan said, on August 2, 2012 at 8:23 am

    A better link to the April 12, 13, 18, 19, & 20, 2013 production of Double Blind Sided: http://www.isu.edu/theadanc/

  2. Pan said, on August 1, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    This opera will have its world premiere April 2013 at Idaho State University – http://www.isu.edu/theadanc/Tickets.html

  3. robinonfoot said, on August 1, 2012 at 12:48 am

    This… is brilliant…… and sad….. and true….. and wrenching….. yet funny, dark funny, and pulls things together in a way that makes more sense in its dissonance than the caco phony I read in the news. Thank you! I cannot wait to hear this in Opera form. Brilliant, I say!

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