Big Government? STFU.

Posted in Rants by waldopaper on May 15, 2012


“Meanwhile, out there in the world, the economic Copernicans are busy reconstructing the order of things.”  Waiting for Copernicus

Yet there are lips out there queefing about Big Government.  How redundant.  These lips should  wrap  around a fat STFU brat smacking  clams for more concrete-toilet strip malls and Pottersville casino fat calling it development.  The Earth has had enough and so has everybody else with the mind of a snail.  Fuck a bunch of pundits, prigs and elevator-pooters  The party’s over.  Ram Foamie  home right above noodling power-point presentation bullets square in citizen corn hole rosebud and watch them squeal over event horizon like gardy loo in a tree bog,  Foamie finger wagging.  We’re number one.  Bigger than what?  Limited government?  Limited by what?

One creature.  Many heads.  They don’t get it.  Fuck em.  Use the  Dobri Vojnik Švejk right in their authoritarian Rosebud and they will be glad you did.  “It suggests one who is slavishly, and somewhat foolishly, devoted to duty.”  They love that shit.  Do not try to explain growing hemp or stupid war law or gay anything because they hate that shit unless someone in authority says they are suppose:D to like it.  Emoticon bobbing skull fucks for spooge gargle.  Why should you tell them any different?  They gonna get they magnum cum loud soon enough anyway and we got things to do.  Gaffers and grips are setting up the fast forward.

Serpentine shill serpentine.  Watch them do it.  Almost like they don’t know they’re in some sleazy oligarch’s  porn movie.  “The Cons tea too shun!”  answers lap dancer.   Yardle gargle blah blah blah they say blinking into pearl necklace lens.  Suspension of disbelief makes for more choked chickens.  Forward says administration.  Serpentine says eye.  The camera does not lie.  The brain does.  They do not know what a pearl necklace is.  That is why holy persons speak in parables.  They contain references unfamiliar to authoritarians who figured out that fucking causes children and decided that made them masters of the fucking universe.

That is why their edits appear like  hairy bobbin,  but smacking  field of dreams.  Look for authority in scripture and you will see  fast forward dialogue behind the senses.  Actors know scenes get you sticky and dialogue gets you bored.  Behind camera other way around.  Nobody talks about this shit.  Either you know it or you don’t.  Except in that twilight zone when the clue train arrives.  That is where we are now.  Big Government is for chumps who fear it will blow their personal libertines.  Slipcraft would not make them happy even if they knew they were doing it.  Their drippy spunk  goatee makes them doing Uncle Sam and they are happy with that.

Happier than pigs in shit. 



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