Turning Point

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The Sword of Law 

“Here is an elegant representative of the smallsword at the height of its popularity.

Gentlemen used
this swift and deadly weapon
to settle disputes of honor
as well as
display their sense of style.”


World empire or merchant economy?   Both weapons and  accessories… fashion… or the root of it:  glamor.    On 9 April, 1694,  two glam boys scuffle.   John Law kills Edward “Beau” Wilson.  Point the props become real.  Wilson remains a mystery.  Some said he found the philosopher’s stone.  “Others said he was supplied by the Jews, for what purpose they did not care to say.”  Whatever.   “After 1689 came an alternative understanding of economics, which saw Britain as a commercial rather than an agrarian society. The proponents of this view, most famously Adam Smith in 1776, argued that wealth was created by human endeavour and was thus potentially infinite.”

Two intellectual systems outside most reasoned discourse for 300 years.  Old kings move pieces on maps…  girls and  glam-boys fuck each other and  now it’s fucked up.   As usual, “religion” can provide scripts.  To puppets in costume the play is real because they have scripts and outfits.  The simulacra  take on a life of their own…  weapons become  costume accessory, murder  pierces production at  flash-point in so many places for so many reasons…  cascading effect.  Memes are like that.

Like a single butterfly in an English garden, John Law beat his rudimentary mathematical understanding of probability theory into the post-medieval air and swept us into post-modern like  mosquitoes in a typhoon.  For intent and purpose, the small sword was  a Kel-Tec PF9 of its day;  wearable deadly at court… but rather foppish and useless “in warre.”  More important, some on-the-scene dandy right now has a rudimentary understanding of chaos theory that Law had of probability.  Maybe it will not bond with the same bullshit mental baggage like an “honor” ( “respect:” translation; “fear” ) pissing contest.  Gender theory and neurology could shed a bright light on this.

L’etat c’est moi,” said the Sun King, but English kings had been standing on melting ice ever since old King John… in part because of his indiscretion with the Ladies, and alpha-chimps hold dominance by consent of allied females.  Today courts of law hold more coercive power than courts of kings, and it is likely the intuitive mathematical push to transformation will be female; a dandette on a floating world orbiting global oligarch marina.  We labor in their corporate fiefdoms despite the 1215 rule that no freeman can be punished except through law of the land.  It did not apply to serfs then, it does not apply to us now.  The real law of the land is physics… the real liberties of the forest are biology.  Rule of law is merely selection pressure.

Selection pressure is very important in the schema of evolution… in the Dawkins vs. Gould debate both acknowledge importance of random element.  It has no specific pattern, purpose or objective.  If it did, it would not be a random element.  The small sword with fine silver pattern…  not for roasting chickens.  And the objective?  The point.  Right where statement is matter.  Does it matter if steel rusted back to earth in Edinburgh or silver now a nose-ring in Leeds?  Maybe.  But those elements came together in lighter pound package to poke a hole in Beau Wilson which resulted in world merchants and empire economies.

It all went down a scant five years after “…a new understanding of economics” caused Britain to wander off the farm.  Law carried this meme with him like Typhoid Mary to  court  the Sun King… where it caught on like the clap.  Gambling was another pastime while  the court pondered  fucking itself to deathLiterally.  While young guillotine grand fodders go flirt and squirt… British East India Company  building…  its own private army.  Law beat feet on  Mississippi bubble for the Regent, and Queen Anne laces her deal with steel bayonets.  Emotion is a sword of Law, but these genetic  neuro-meme transmitters engage  far above John,  a mid-court Milo Minderbinder.  Multiplication is the name of the game… from Hobbes to Ahab Leviathan.

Fashion designs uniforms and dresses ideology.   Passion fights and fucks.  Some turn passion toward abstract nouns like god or justice or freedom.  Never be in costume unless  going  to the dance… caught naked  costume is taking chance or chaos. In each engagement, things go  turn of a hand and knowing  odds comes probable in a finite world…but not so in a floating world.   Memes are the earliest internet with  packet-transfer protocol ideology.  See  eyes of careful portrait peerage through century window mirror in floating hall of them left stage.  What do they say?

I am deadly.

I am beautiful. 

Do you care to engage?

Nightmare fighters above the clouds  …fell into the State of Age.


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  1. archetypal said, on April 27, 2012 at 7:10 am

    I can remember the peace

    lapping its clemency about our skirts.

    Fearlessly flinging our thoughts into the deep
    we fished for futures like clouds reflected
    in the sweet waters
    we sailed upon.

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