Modern Slavery

Posted in Rants, Reality, Stupid-heads by waldopaper on March 30, 2012

Serfing USA

The American dream is the capitalist meme: EVERYONE CAN BE RICH.  — 99 Percent Space 

Today in what can be the great “American Spring” of 2012 the great distraction machine is running full-blast.  Mega Millions, sports effluvia, the usual celebrity gossip, and perhaps the most tragic of all, the Treyvon Martin shooting... tragic enough when it takes the life of a young person… more so when it becomes the obsession of  “African-Americans”  who should know slavery when they see it by now.  The lexicon lays invisible chains on all of us… and still we do not see them.  Just like millions of “European-Americans” who carp about the “government” that is “stealing” what they think is “their munny”  and giving it to… well– you know that old tune.  Right when they open their fat gob about “socialism.

I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.Harriet Tubman 

There was a white boy recently “serving” (another lexical chain) in the Imperial Amerikan Army in Iraq who was born in Johannesburg… his family immigrated to the U,S., and he joked with his fellow soldiers that he was the only “African-American” among them.  His black comrades simply could not wrap their brains around the idea.   You can’t be African-American.  You white.  Skin pigment was visible.  The class struggle was invisible.  Confusing the phenotype with the genotype.  There is no gene for “race.”  Today many learned scholars scoff at memes like they once scoffed at germs… because they could not see them.  They scoffed at the round-earth idea too… unlike the common folk who spent time watching ships.

So it is with the skeptics of “Marxist theory” as it was  (still is, actually) with folk who can not see “evolution.”  Naturally, “sight” is a metaphor.  When Theory morphs into Ideology, the microscope blinds us to the macro.  Could it possibly be that a young black dude “had enough” and decided to beat the shit out of some tubby beaner getting in his case about “being there?”  Could it be that he could not possibly imagine said inquisitor having a popper in his pants like all the boyz in the hoodie?  Only two people know for sure… and half of them are dead.  So now we are left (as usual) to lame speculation and incomplete evidence.  Whatever.  It serves to distract us from “capitalists” and the theory that named them.

Only a name… only a word… only an idea… and an old one at that (by “information age” standards).  This is also a lame frame because every species lives in an “information age.”  The question here is:  why have we been collectively blind to the “medium of exchange” for at least 300 years?  More important (perhaps):  have we been blinded by design by those who shape their theory into ideology… directly and purposefully… to make their ideology a “self-fulfilling prophesy?”  Do “they” really KNOW what they are doing?  Here we contemplate “unintended consequences” and the last words of a great Teacher: “…they know not what they do.”  If the Truth makes us free…

…why does The Word make us slaves?


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  1. 99percentspace said, on March 31, 2012 at 7:30 am

    Rather be master of my silence than slave to my words…

    Good post.

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