Hole Up

Posted in Rants, Reality by waldopaper on February 27, 2012

Bravo Awoke

faster than walking

Inside the cart where it was pitch dark.  Still moving.  It took about a month to get where we hole up in  between and where we hole up for the Summer.  Pilot, mom, grandma, grandpa, bro and sis could all hole up in the cart, but the flybike had to go outside with the tractor that never stopped moving.  “Grandpa was checking the wiring in the dark and was looking at me when I turned on my light.”

It will be light soon.”

“I have to go potty.”

“Hand your bike down for you.”

Bravo was just big enough to take the bike, e-tool and paper without falling down as the cart rolled away.  She rolled the bike to the road side in total darkness and let it drop.  A few quick scoops and she jammed the e-tool into the ground, held on with both hands, turned, squatted and let it drop.  A few more scoops and a couple quick pats and she was back on the bike to catch up with the cart.  “Grandpa took the bike and helped me back aboard, but it took a lot out of him.”

“Everybody is topside but there is some weather coming.  We might have to hole up for a while somewhere around here.  May not get to the cabin.”

“You gotta hole up where you gotta hole up.”

Probably going to fly as soon as it gets light and the wind dies down.  Pilot is out there walking beside  harness  checking  juice.  Turbine been making plenty of juice and the batts in cart are full.  Everybody topside looking at screens and trying to find somebody to hole up with.  Never been anybody around here  but you never know.  People hole up where they hole up.  Grandpa stopped talking and Bravo was used to moving in the dark.  Will hang the panels at sunup.  Not gonna stop for nothing.  Heavy weather closing in.

“Gonna fly about 90 klicks ahead and start the hole.”

“Take about ten hours to get there.  Bikes be there in four or five.”

Help him finish the hole while mom stay on tractor.  It will not stop.  Took about two hours to get  panels making juice and food cleared away after first light.  Took to the air and sent back pictures while bikes rolled on ahead.  Bravo got the position and took her bike out last.  Slip along on a windy morning flybike overhead go back to cart.  Leapfrog all day long and Bravo shows up with her bike and e-tool to finish up.  Going like clockwork now and Bravo has been doing drills like this all her young life.  The tractor never stops.

Precision timing as tractor and cart roll by  hole.  Pilot-dad and Alpha-brother are strongest so they slip grandpa off  cart as it rolls by.  Alpha Bravo say goodbye to grandpa face put him into hole and cover up.  Hop onto bikes in sideways spindrift snow to catch cart in fading light.  Pull aboard and button down for darkness heading toward broken bridge, good place to hole up in case weather closes road.  Nobody around here no food no water no signal.  Middle of nowhere and pilot outside talk over headset as supper clear inside.

“Bridge ahead about twenty clicks visibility getting bad.”

“Hole up at the bridge.  Brother up top rifle first watch.”  Got it.

“They say slipping on the ocean is same thing,”

Sometimes you gotta find a safe harbor when big nasty makes it too hard to move.  Otherwise the ship goes 24/7.  Open ocean is only place safe any more unless you find people water food energy and information to hole up.  Hole up and move is pattern for life itself.  Bravo getting hip to it in early years.  Bravo make Charlie Delta Annie body in years to come when all are different not like hidebound years  holing up.  “Grandpa spoke last words to me that morning,” Bravo say.  “You gotta hole up where you gotta hole up.” Room for the flybike.

“He would have wanted it that way.” 



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