Parallel Universe.

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where the sidewalk ends

"Take heed therefore ..." --Luke 11:35

“For the children, they mark, and the children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends. “

Shel Silverstein

They do exist.  <there is one right here.  Parallel Universe.  Where?  A family of fruitbats down on the hogfarm little talk about  parallel universe because we visit one every day.  Different ones.  Lots of times.  Space between the houses.  Lines loitering in  neighborhood slipspace.  We are all artists and shit, but most of us work day gigs to scrum up a few bucks.  The rest of us trade and barter.  One day a couple of us hopped a freight and bummed on down to where close suit whether you  sleep under bridges and shit.  Do it when you young and bold… fear it not when slow and old.  One time or other. We all  #occupy.

Gazing up from the gurney at passing lights…lost in girl whispering virgin angel deal.  May be spirits yet unborn… is everyone in this room real?   Well them Hawking-type dudettes have done the math and shit.  We is all Willie da bum on a freight car to oblivious and duh big quantum nuh-uh is all Sarto  like that.  So is Illusion.  And fusion.  All below the atomic level where Annie Dillard calls Holy the Firm.  Slipspace is where the guys came back all sunburned smell pine-smoke cough and shit.  Sounds just like the Zuccotti hack many sees.  Hawking up the gum bye Jah too much trade fo de hoot mon!

Practicing Slipcraft;  tea die, tee doom… and Newcomen Scotsman  piping on down  cos the boys are back in town… celebrating  three hundred years of Industrial Revolution.  It’s OOOVERR.  Went to China.  That is why you got tools made ought a pot-metal, the same shit they made cap pistols out of when we were kids.  The Orient Express blink  over Pacific event horizon, so climb on Willie da tramp steam asleep in a dock and no loch on long road home.  Welcome home to the future food forest.  Houses built to last a thousand years.  Tribes that come to gather in peace and joy.  All that moonbeam shit.

It has happened before… the place where the sidewalk ends in every day life for millions.  New evidence suggests that before the Europeans invaded, great areas of people in North America lived in food forests built by their ancestors so long ago, its origin was forgotten.  You have your work cut out for you.  Do it so well that time blends it into Nature herself, and we may yet approach the greatness of our ancestors.  The great ones are long forgotten.  Bellwether leaving the barn right before the big one hit.  Three generations later her offspring are wild rams hunted in the forest for keeping a candle lit.

They are  butterflies on Chaos impact edge… riding shotgun in the sky in somebody’s dream… years later in 1970… but the sidewalk ended some time in 1968.  We all saw it in Parallel Universe.  There are many, but to say it in plural makes no sense.  It was the same thing all over the world.  Like an invisible theater torn down forty four magnum years ago where we all saw the same weird movie and nobody can remember the title yet.  So you can not talk about  Parallel Universe  like it’s someplace else.  We remember when it was so  right fucking here…  pissed on the wall in back.  Right.  Fucking.  Here.  Jack.

Vietnam, 1968: cop eyes darted around and saw scores of thumbs pushing off safetys.  Did not make a sound. Everybody selector  already on rock n roll.  The MP interrupted  recon partying with a fridge stolen from the Navy, beer from the Marines, a generator from an airbase and fuel from Charlie.  That’s right– swiped the juice Charlie humped all the way down fucking Hocho trail in cans.  Charlie did not fuck with LZ and neither should some fucking MP.  We laughed at him when he yelled about the Brig, and then he went for his sidearm.  He finally drove away and never came back.  We lit up anoint.

Space between the houses… release language to psych nest.



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  1. Rosalinda Y. Acevedo said, on July 22, 2013 at 8:46 am

    In the text-based science fiction MMORPG OtherSpace , refugees from Earth’s universe were forced to migrate to a parallel universe called Hiverspace, whose quantum divergence occurred billions of years in the past, after damage to the time/space continuum began to tear their own universe apart.

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