The Free World Charter

Posted in Answers, Cool shit, Reality by waldopaper on January 7, 2012

Can We Dream? 

It is the world’s one crime its babes grow dull,
Its poor are ox-like, limp and leaden-eyed.  –Vachel Lindsay

The good news is:  The Free World Charter.  No need to dwell on the dark side of things here.  That should be obvious enough.  But how many of us can even imagine a world without “money?”  Most of us have no clue who robbed us of our imagination.   But good things are possible once we are capable of imagining them.  The Charter has roots in the Venus Project, and we begin by imagining a resource-based economy.

The bad news is: already here– the “financial system” has collapsed.  It’s toast.  It’s OVER.  So the transition to a world without “money” should not be hard to imagine.  It’s already here.  But since we can still use it to “buy” cheap crap at War-Mart we still think it’s real, and the porks who run the “system” will keep that going until it’s Mad-Max Zombie Time.  The Zombies will never pop to the Truth.

Let’s make everything free.  Sound crazy?  Read the charter.  Think about it.  This is all they are asking.  The Bonn 2011 Nexus Conference is about as far as “the market” is willing to go.  Technology usually goes nowhere until somebody makes a buck… and the bucks are gone.  Most of us have no doe.  Deer reader, we are all hosed if we let the goobers run us back to the dark ages and neo-feudalism.

Compare The Charter to the astroturf “9-12 project,” commemorating the day when most USAns collectively became colossally stoopid  overnight.  It’s like looking at a space ship next to an ox cart with square wheels.    1. “The highest concern of humanity is the combined common good of all living species and biosphere.” vs. 1. “America is good”   It’s physics vs. voodoo.

We are all Crew aboard Spaceship Earth.  Nobody has to be a genius to figure that out, but here in dominionist krakkerland, the goobs do not “believe” in evolution.  They do not  “believe” in climate change either.  But they “believe” in Ayn Rand and the Invisible Hand.   The Enlightenment never happened.  “It promoted science and intellectual interchange and opposed superstition.”

Intellectual interchange is going to be difficult… but we have to try.  Meanwhile, we disengage from the hydrocarbon overlords.  With slip-tubes we connect permaculture plots with “temporary” shelters and create squatments on the allotments, just like the #occupy, but producing food.  We can share. Keep on rocking toward the Free World, and we will make it.

This guy says

Our data shows a distinct transition point from March 2 through 9 inclusive. Thereafter we shift into release language.

I’m not sure what he means by “release language.”  He seems to be a source for the Urban Survival guy, and near as I can tell it’s based on some kind of bot software that looks for code-words to predict “market trends.”  It is a kind of code… I used to write reams of them smeggers.  The code in the final korporat days was so dark it drove me nearly homicidal.  The trick was to say, “keep dumping munny into this scam” while legally complying with “due diligence” and “fair disclosure.”

“manageable possibility of controlled risk exposure” and shit like that.  Right now, the best guess is: there will be “official acknowledgment” of things many of us have guessed… or KNOWN… for quite some time.  “They” will not do it unless it is flat-fork OBVIOUS to anybody but a toast-point… but there are millions of crusty-the-klowns out there.  The “political” celeb-gossip puppet show is a major indicator that most have slipped their reality-tether.

And those are the ones buyin up gunz an ammu. 

This year, 2012 is going to be difficult.  The first post this year had to be “positive.”  Slipcraft was an attempt to imagine all this.  We are not alone.  We must share our vision of a renewed and regenerative Green World and brush aside the psyops planted in the “patriots” like weeds.  There are no weeds on Turtle Island.  All things in Nature have a purpose, even if it is sometimes difficult to see.  We can see it.

We can dream. 



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