Ron Paul is Full of Shit.

Posted in Rants, Stupid-heads by waldopaper on November 23, 2011

Triumph of the Shill: 

…aw jeepers, Paulies, let’s not go there again.*

“...to be kept in the dark and fed that little shit.”  –Mushroomism 

ok-ok Ron Paul is full of shit.  Here’s why:  Modus Tollens.  No crown, no king.  Works on paper, and paper is all it is.  The “government”  is “stealing” … uh what?  “My money.”  Three major fallacies right there.  There is no “government,” there are rulers.  Render unto Caesar and all that.  Do Pauitos… the little Paulies… read the Constitution any better than they read the Scripture?  Is  telling them to “obey  it”  asking for trouble?

Go back in time about 20 years and put on a pair of bullshit glasses.  Sorry, history and critical thinking is the best we can do.  So the Paulies want to return to the gold standard?  Is that why they are hoarding gold…like every teapot website tells them?  And that’s different from the Zionist Collectivist Masonic Illuminati International Banking Conspiracy… like… how?  How about the bullshit standard?  It’s a renewable resource.

Goes a long way explain warmed-over Reaganomics wrapped in gussied-up Bushisms, but it still has too many pathogens to be clean compost.  They got a Plan… and they think God “Him”self plans.  Where is that shit?   Buncha Ayn Randy three-peckered billygoats.  Step quietly away before they Fawkes themselves bawling about “collectivism” and trying to explain the difference between “free-market” and “crony” capitalism.

Is it wrong to interfere with  John Galt  selling  his sister to Barbarians to be khaleesi of Dragoncorp?  Winter is the elephant in the room somehow invisible to the Paulies.  Humpty fell off the wall a while back and they still try to fry him on the icy sidewalk and  “end the Fed.”  Climate instability is just a collectivist scam to get “my money,”  yep, them golden grinkles with Paulie’s picture on them.  Ayn swipe dry fear, who’s gonna buy the beer?

Hooray for Paulie, he’s a darn fine guy.  He just has a hard time sifting out gnats and swallowing camels while scraping a frozen gas for his Humpty.  “Elect Ron Paul” is just a weak-ass excuse for not joining the General Strike because the “rEVOLution” paper dingles on a frozen Dumpty and he knows it.  Sure, it’s all “radical,” but it aint a pimple on the ass of what will be.  The future is Green.  Dig it or dump it, Paulie, because that is the Truth.

Paulie is not stupid.  He still believes in “elections” and “money” because he wants to.  He might come out like a dragon queen, or he might come out like a zombie.  One can never tell with puppets who think the show is real because they “believe” they are in it.  Some are even joining the #occupation, white-walking the dogma along with everybody else.  They may come out lambs of a silent dog, who knows?  Now they bend to kiss the king’s hand.

The hand is invisible because it does not exist.

*there is where stupid-heads of varying degrees nurk and durr about some duck-head dilly-bar social Darwinism.  Nobody has time for that shit now.  Stock up on ammo and beer for your own fantasy-ass zombie apocalypse.  Then pack it up your patriotic patoot.  Oh… and be sure and head for the nearest Wal-Mart as soon as the lights go out.  A  jamboree.  U will C.  Back, you hack.  Belly to jelly.

And I don’t give a damn cos it doesn’t matter.  Really.

Really like a lot of the things RP has to say.  What reasonable person would not?  He is spot-on with what he says about wars of aggression.  That’s good.  He’s crazy about “free markets.”  They do not exist.  “Markets?”  Why not make EVERYTHING free?

Including you and me… and all the little children of the world. 


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  1. waldopaper said, on November 25, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    In preparation for WHEN the Paulito spam-bots find this site because they typed in “Ron Paul is full of shit” and think they are going to “engage in a civil dialogue,” here’s the deal:

    Fuck you. Got that? Fuck you and the memetic robot matrix horse you rode in on. If you still think “money” is real… if you still think “elections” are real… if you still think the “political process” has anything to do with “liberal” or “conservative,” well… let’s put it this way:

    I really do not have TIME to try to teach my dog algebra. Oh, I’m sure Sid understands algebra in his own dog-way. But he still winds his line up tight around the stake and cannot understand how to retrace his path… so he barks… and I gotta go outside to unhook him and untangle the line. That’s a metaphor… get it? I still love my dog, Sid, but I am not about to give him the key to my car.

    It would not mean anything to him anyway… He barks because the line is restricting his “liberty.” He does not understand the “neighborhood association” and how the stupid white people in the suburb next door will call the cops if an untethered dog barks at them on their weight-loss walk. I understand Sid’s frustration at his loss of “liberty,” but he does not have to deal with stupid cob-ass white people on the same level I do.

    Sid can not drive a car and YOU, Paulito, can not “engage in a civil dialogue.” Fuck you. Go away.

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