#Fort Wayne

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tell me what democracy looks like…

They’re not the counter-culture.  They’re the culture.”  –Bill Maher

It is like the Tao.  Ask any one #occupier what IT is all about and you will get a slightly different answer from the next one.  Most agree the corporations control the “government,” bought and paid, so there is not much to do inside the regular “political process.”  When will we all go home?  When WE ALL have homes to which we can go.  Here is what is happening.

IT is about avoiding war and famine.  We will not freeze.  We will not starve.  We will not fight.  The movement should focus in this direction more quickly, but it will become the focus eventually depending on how quickly we approach war and famine.  What “war?”  Pick one.  Or invent one; civil war on  terror , drugs, crime, poverty, communism or any other meme.

It does not matter because war is war, and this dancing Manitou takes on a life of its own.  Add that to trying to stay warm and fed, and you have human misery for ten thousand years.  This is what we are learning.  We have to depend on each other.  Sooner or later, it’s going to get violent.  It already has in some places.  We have contained it in most places (so far).

The cops are right across the street here and we are not giving them any trouble.  We stay friendly and forgiving.  There MAY be a regime-change and a more authoritarian “mayor” will order the cops to sweep the park.  Then we will disappear… and re-appear elsewhere.  Like quantum physics, it’s out there: revolution for the Jung at heart.  Everywhere at once and no place at all.  Physics.  Not belief systems.

Famine usually happens because food can not get to starving people… usually because there is a war in the way.  The “financial system” has already collapsed, and so far events in the US are following Orlov’s Five Stages almost exactly.  Commercial collapse is beginning, followed by political collapse- which usually involves violence- and that is only stage three.

Famine will come if too many people remain unaware of the collapse that has already taken place.  Then people will become aware of the Great Die-off that has also already begun.  You really can not explain this to people who think they are “conservative,” and the word “liberal” is meaningless to most people the “conservatives” consider to be “liberals.”

You can not point to the obvious Peak Oil or climate catastrophe because they do not “believe in it.”  They do not “believe in” evolution either.  Ironic:  they are “left behind.”  Social Darwinists hate being left behind.  We probably lost them some time after The Enlightenment, but they still manage to ketchup whenever there is an Inquisition or a Reich or some other weenie.

Why wait for it when you can slip it?


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  1. hybridrogue1 said, on November 7, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    “..what it is ain’t exactly clear…”

    “Yellow Boy” …another name for that rifle {buffalo springfield}…a very attractive gun, by the way, say compared to an oooziewoozie…

    Why do we get on the net just to watch fucking TV????


  2. COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS said, on November 6, 2011 at 10:59 pm

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