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#Occupy Fort Wayne

"You can't stop what's coming..."  The Occupy movement is the dissemination of knowledge. We are intellectuals and we are realizing how to communicate.”  —Tygerlily

Do not know if Tygerlily got the memo or not… but she seems to grasp the idea:  economic growth is over.  Maybe you need to be an intellectual now to realize the obvious.  Like “economic growth,” The Nuremberg Garden Club  is fiction, and only meant to reflect reality– not BE reality.  Stories do not need to be true, and the “economic growth” story is OOO-VERRRR.  And here is the real deal: Goering Mocks Us.

Every day We The People piddle around and listening to bloviating pundits and nattering heads is another day closer to famine and war.  Yes, it can and will happen here as long as We keep plibbing our plabbers about “money”  while the food runs out and the well is poisoned.  The Real Owners could care less.  This is now General Knowledge.  #Occupy could be a crucible for communication.  Or it could be the first whiff of smoke.

It does not have to go all Mad Max on our poor peasant asses, but it’s gonna be Zombie Time or worse unless we separate Reality and Bullshit… and the “market” turned into bullshit at least a decade ago.  Like a head-shot Brontosaurus, it’s coming down.  Slipcraft  is the art of getting out from under.  Maybe this is what Tygerlily realizes that our Public Intellectuals  have not; the terrible truth: 

There is no “government.” There is no “political process.” There is no “country.”  Get used to it.  It’s not so badWe The People are on our own and have been for a long time.  We just got used to watching the show on teevee.  We have re-invented government and political process and will determine the nature of Nationhood.  The beginning is near.  Whether the #occupation is the end of it or not, this is what it looks like locally.

It is a metal compound called Rothschild Pavilion (/irony) that nestles up to the jail.  There is no running water, but there is still electricity and the lights never go out.  Hunkering down in a nylon tent with a summer-weight bag over your face, you can still see the light.  People come and go, and there is always food.  Feeding people is a priority, and it should be.  Materials are donated and so is labor.  Soon there will be a council fire.

The task is to endure, tossing off the occasional clown-head apparatchik who calls these young people “leeches.”  In our day, we would have mooned his mommy, but we have grown up now thank dog.  There will always be those with  lips attached to the boss’ patoot like lamprey eels.  They can’t (for the life of them) figure out why we can’t just pick a boil and suck like they do.  Hello, Pot?  Kettle calling.  We skip the riposte these days.

There is no time for that.  The sports-fans have been hurling bumper-sticker memes at each other for decades, and now the game is over.  Lights out.  Power down.  Winter is coming.  Time to start a fire.  Boil water, cook  beans.  Our grandparents spoke of the Depression, we will speak of the #OccupationMaybe the kids will listen this time, but it does not matter.  The Black Block is there too, they always are.  So are the provocateurs.

Now Fate moves its huge hand.


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  1. hybridrogue1 said, on November 1, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    So…I’m still wundren how close Fort Wayne is to Princeton woowoo head?

    You being the one living here mosta yer life you aught to be able to say…or do you just write these blog entreez and ne’er look back?

    ww aka \\][//…and all that

    • waldopaper said, on November 2, 2011 at 12:11 am

      We seem to be that thing about mid-way between Detroit and Chicago. You could catch a train here once, but now ya gotta go to Waterloo.

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