#Occupy Duckburg!

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Another Day in Duckburg.  

Uncle Scrooge’s Moneybin

So I went on downtown here for our own little Occupy Duckburg and here’s what I saw:

Lots of signs it aint about Obam or Sam or Iran or the Plan. It’s more about the 7-11 than any 9-11. We generally agree that the Rich Fatties  have taken over everything.  The Coalition of the Obvious  from a reality-based community was there to tell “them:”

Just because you got most of the “money” does not mean you get to run fucking EVERYTHING… and they’re like…

“well DUH-  it so toe-dally DOES.”

And so we’re like, guess what… there were about 2-300 of us there. So whap, blap- a little quick math… that’s about 1/10th of one percent… same as the Rich Fatties.

But we ARE the 99%… and each one of us standing around Duckburg Squarehead Waters nose we are only the vocal part. Nobody had to explain it. So here’s the deal:

NEW RULE: Just because you got most of the “money” DOES NOT MEAN you get to run FUCKING EVERYTHING.

It’s over. There is no “see about that” to it. It’s fucking OOOOO-VEERRRR. The “financial system” is collapsing… we ’re all getting fucked except for a few Rich Fatties. It began when they took over (by)  fucking everything.

This is the end of the beginning.  

Oh yeah- Veterans For Peace were there. Both of them. But the other guy was someplace else- so I only talked to about half of them. They have been on that same corner in varying numbers once a month for the past ten years. I have seen a couple dozen of these vets when there were about the same few hundred folk. Sometimes it was just those two guys.

The only thing that draws the thousands out in Duckburg is a Colts rally. “It’s never been like this,” he said and I agreed. The veteran dude and I were in Boy Scouts together, but I’m not sure he remembers that. It’s the closest I ever came to wearing a uniform, but some donut tire of it as quickly. Round hole in a square air.

Back in the day another high school chum and I were the Duckburg SDS. I know this place. I was born here. Have seen this cute little Indiana mud-bubble go from 50 to 300 thousand peeps in the last 60 years or so. I have lived lots of other places for a year or two and got to know them almost as well as this place.

But here eye be  square-one home-boy, and it’s never been like this. Came close in the civil rights struggles and during the VN war. But now I see a class fully aware of itself. Not to go all Marxian on ya or anything, but that is an essential ingredient if you buy into that theory. This aint a fashion statement like the 60s or a race thing like the 50s.

Some of us might be rednecks, but we aint Reds. Well, some of us may have been back in the day, but abandoned that when the goth twerps and thier little red books came to the party.  They couldn’t get any good dope, let alone sustain a world revolution.  The sixties stretch Marx were not as easy to see back then.

It sounded like a traffic jam. Somebody had a sign, “honk if you are in a car,” along with lots of 99% signs. I think the Burgers are catching on. I suppose for every ten cars that gave us a honk there was one that flipped us the bird. I only saw that once. There is very little ideology here.

Ideology crystallizes on a caucus-level with efficiency that seems almost magical. Like the stillness in the wind before the hurricane begins. For every uniform you see there are nine you can’t… and for every uniform worn there are ten more who have them back home in some closet. Ideology is like that. Few stupid-heads were honking that day. Mine?  Mine?

Life is a beach.

This is not a protest.   This  is a revolution.

It will peacefully follow  Transition to succeed. The Transition is inevitable. It has already happened. The “game” of financial capital is over. 600 trillion in US funnybuck paper derivatives circling the earth: the GDP of the entire planet for the next six years if production and output remain the same. It’s OOO-VERRR.

Market value of goods and services is meaningless because “The Market” is meaningless. That is why the epicenter is on Wall Street because “government” has become meaningless. We will have a de-centralized clean energy grid. We will have an interconnected low-energy transport network. We will have local resources for healthy food. One way or another.

Whether the “market” derivatives want to stick-on-the-shoe like pesky potty-paper remains to be seen. It will try to play the game during the Transition as well. They don’t know the game is over yet, and they’ll play it like Faberge-egg basketball. and soon they won’t even be able to fake it any more because they will have no balls. There will probably be some violence. There usually has been.

Violence can not stop the Transition, only become (a)part of it. USpace will be filled for a time with one-legged hopes trying to kick each others’ jeweled eggs. That dance will be a short one. Slipspace will be wherever the busy nut nut dance is not.  Slipcraft are already there. This is not a balloon-carrying sidewalk march.  This winter is the Valley Forge of our revolution.

It will occupy parks and underpasses and coffee shops. It will re-configure itself in Slipspace and cyberspace. It will morph and evolve and adapt to climate change and emerge when the question of evolution and transition is moot. Belief systems have very little to do with it. This is physics: matter and energy. There is no fight involved, only endurance. The east is red. Sunrise.

Future is Green.

Left, right, top or bottom... it does not matter.

  • End the wars- bring the military home.  
  • End the USA PATRIOT Act  
  • End reckless spending  
  • End the Federal Reserve system

All these things are going to end anyway.  Pilots call this a “controlled crash.”  It’s better to belly into a bean field than come to a sudden stop against the side of a mountain.  Fly into the crash as much as possible.

Autopilot to this point for the past 150 years.  Time to take control.  If the “political process” can not handle it, some other ways will be found.  The wars, the spying, the looting and lying are unsustainable.  Out of fuel.

While the suits and nattering big hair heads piddle and preen about Iran or Libya or Greece or anywhere-but-here… the economic engine sputter.  Lights of Duckburg below, and the mythical hills east over Uncle Scrooge’s moneybin.

Time to set this sucker down easy as possible.  Whether it’s the Green party or the necktie party, there WILL be a party if the landing does not kill us and we are not too busy trying to breathe.  Terrorists fly in to the money bin.

We still have other options.  C2(E3)=P 


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  1. waldopaper said, on October 17, 2011 at 1:34 am

    Right Stegiel. The issue is not the disparity of “wealth,” but the disparity of power. There is a difference, and we will see its nature when the 600 trillion chickens come home to roost.

    • Bruce Stegiel said, on October 17, 2011 at 2:08 am

      Yes when they come home to roost we will see civil war. Now as to which of the many and varied home teams plays in the great World Series and wins I haven’t a clue. I’m pretty sure it ain’t my team or yours. On the other hand, what a tidy world it will be once the radioactive dust settles. Brave New 1984 or some such. Of course maybe there won’t be civil war. Maybe just PROTESTS and police/military brutality to ensure people understand that the law of rules remains the rule of the lawless lawmakers. Not that we can expect it to be different of course, a considerable amount of money has been spent to ensure that some outcomes are more favorable than others.

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