HEY STUPID-HEADS: 9/11 Was an Inside Job.

Posted in Stupid-heads, Uncategorized by waldopaper on September 11, 2011

“I focus on the pain…the only thing that’s real…”

–Nine Inch  Nails

Had to post this today.  Will add more later.  Bin Laden with this for years.

Now that we have shed crocodile tears and waved false flags commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11, can we finally handle the truth?  How about a real investigation of this decade-old crime?  Yes, a crime… not a fantasy “act of war” so strutting popinjays can fancy themselves “912 patriots,” reaping the “political capital” that goes with such bloody nonsense.  How about spending at least the time and energy that went into “investigating” Monica’s dress?  How about real courage instead of fake piety and patriotism?

Is this the “land of the free and home of the brave?”  Recent events say otherwise.  Celebration in our “Christian” nation of our own blatant invasion, torture and murder exposes us as a serfdom of cowards.  Incessant drivel by nattering television tools has the rabble clapping chopped hands and uttering stinking breath for more walls, prisons and executions to keep them safe from imaginary bogymen.  We are complicit in their “American exceptionalism” fantasy that makes us all bullying hypocrites.

 First responders and sincere war-fighters continue to die in the toxic lie.  One million Iraqis and untold masses of innocent Afghans have paid for US pre-emptive war with their lives in an ongoing mockery of international law and the Nuremburg principles.  Goering mocks us from Hell as we wink and blink and pretend the puppet show is public discourse.  Pastor Niemoller nods sadly in the Night, “.First they came…” as we tut-tut from paycheck to paycheck thinking, “It can’t happen here.”

It is time to face grim reality: there can be neither fairness nor balance with fakes and fools.  The rabble chant sports-team cheers and parrot puffed-up fairy tales demanding our destruction.  A reckoning will come, not only from world opinion but from Nature herself that will stifle the scourge laid upon Nazi Germany.  A people condoning torture and murder while maintaining the world’s largest prison system and calling themselves “free” and “brave” is mockery, and History is not mocked.

The USA has sowed arrogance, brutality and murder all over the world, true as evolution and climate catastrophe.  Fakes and fools can tut and strut about their con-temporarily-constructed Marvel-comic Messiah, but here is the Truth:

Winter is coming.  So are the stupid-heads.  They are armed to their wattles and mad as hell about things they do not understand… and that list is huge.  They call themselves “real conservatives,” and they hate conservation to the point of murder.  “True Christians” who would not know Jesus Christ if He jumped out of their birthday cake, they think they are “true patriots,” just like the “treuedeutsch” who fought  their parents and grandparents, they are sausage-necked goose-stepping authoritarian followers.

If you tell them, “You Only Believe the Official 9/11 Story Because You Don’t Know The Official 9/11 Story,”  you get the usual “hate America” abuse.  You can tell the meat-puppets that “America” is a very nice land-mass, but about 30% of the U.S.A. is populated by waddling weenies who chase after any bandwagon dragging a hair-hat with a flag and a cross stuck in it.  The stupid-heads don’t get it and they never will.  At least they will pretend they do after they have been mocked, marginalized and muted.

Swimming upstream against the stupid-heads are the “Ron Paul supporters” who are about 40 years behind the old “new lefties” who stumbled behind the stage-set around 1971.  The Paulitos  still think there are “governments,” “countries” and believe “elections” are real.  “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”  The old lefties had to learn their grandparents’ lesson the hard way.  Dog nose what will fast-forward the Paulitos.  Probably when it all falls down on top of their high-chairs.

The Paulies will probably bawl and throw their strained carrots at Mommy “government.”  Poor kids.  You HAVE NO GOVERNMENT.  You have owners.  THEY OWN YOU.  Are the Paulitos going to blame “the government” for the corporate “news” blackout on the Wall Street protests happening right now (9/20/11)?  Probably will… and will sift gnat-shit-out-of-the-pepper about “corporatism” vs. “free markets:” bullshit.  The Clue Train is here.

Will the “libertarians” take a delivery or not?


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  1. Howl Land Bitch « COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS said, on September 22, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    […] Now Sid and I are left to bark at the stupid-heads. Kismet got a puppy when she was older to teach all those old dog things.  She snarled at him first, then licked him for a while and finally ignored him.  Sid is a Border Collie type mutt… your generic black-and-white with slant dog-eyes, not round bug-eyes.  The round brown eyes and expressive ears did not bode well on Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day.  She had said this before, but she was a tough old dog.  Her eyes were closed and she sighed with an ear scratch.  In the time it took to pour a cup of coffee and turn around, she was gone.  Peaceful-like… darting off toward the gate.  If the sun is warm on your face and the wind is at your back… […]

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