There is no Lifeboat.

Posted in Answers, Reality, Stupid-heads by waldopaper on July 24, 2011

We are headed toward barbarism.  

Call it Capitalism, Socialism or Politics.  It is not what we think it is.

It is like the barbarism that was around in 1968 when they told us to get a haircut.  Benjamin Barber cut it in  Jihad vs. McWorld.  Parse the abstract words, and the common denominator is money, another abstraction.  That is correct:  money is an abstraction.  The paper in our wallet is a medium of exchange, which is slightly different than an abstraction.  Money is supposed to represent something we desire.  It is all about money and power.

Capitalism must be separated from whatever “free market capitalism” means.  Capital and power are often used to acquire each other.  Politics is a system we have devised to determine how we are all supposed to get what we want.  Suppose means taking a pose or position.  It is a system of posers with a separate life of its own.  It is the difference between meme and monkey.  Put them together, and we have replicated behavior.  That’s what it’s all about.

Hokey-Pokey Monkey Dance will not bring rain.  Time and chance happen to them all.  It does not mean that we can keep putting sand in the gas tank, which is exactly what stupid-heads do after consuming saturated fat theology.  Now some of them fancy themselves deficit hawks   Go preach ye to them with voice of the turtle island reality-based community speaking  truth to them in words they can understand might sound like this:

May the “deficit hawks” rot in their own hypocritical hell!

Does it really take a genius to predict what happens when you cut revenues and then launch multi-trillion-dollar wars of aggression?  Did they think of any of this when they were buying up yellow ribbons and questioning the patriotism of anyone not festooned with flags?  Their hypocrisy has lasted for over a hundred years.  Have you had enough of their priggish “morality?”

“Cut spending,” they say, unless it benefits them.  Close schools, close libraries, close parks and “privatize” everything else so their bosses can buy it cheap.  Their “free markets” have cost the planet its life.  They only like competition if they can have exclusive privilege to cheat.  Their flag is phony and their faith is false.  Have you had enough of their piggish “fiscal responsibility?”

When did “conservative values” become a code word for abject stupidity?  The root means prevention of injury, decay, waste or loss.  Have you seen any of that?  They start wars, neglect critical infrastructure, throw away trillions for killing and kleptocracy and lose or destroy everything they claim to value.  Are you tired of their worthless “values?”

Here’s what we can do:  cut military spending in half.  End the “war on terror.”  It’s a fraud.  Stop the “war on drugs.”  It’s a lie.  Overhaul the criminal just-us system and eliminate the prison business.  Reverse privatization by nationalizing every essential industry and making management accountable to citizens… which is what we used to be before we became “consumers.”

Begin with real elections and not the hackable kabuki theater orchestrated by privatized voting machines with proprietary software.  The Germans have outlawed electronic voting because they know what happens when government is not open, transparent and honest.  We can leave international war-crime prosecution of bothU.S.administrations for a later date.

Right now we must denounce the “deficit hawks” for what they are:  ignorant bumpkins and evil opportunists.

Meanwhile, we construct not a lifeboat… but slipcraft.  When stupid heads play sword-of-the-fats, slipcraft is the vehicle of choice.  In slipspace one must always be prepared to abandon vehicle and voice.  It may become necessary to live on the edge of slipspace.  It may become necessary to not live and abandon our primary vehicle.  Time is not money, it’s a metaphor.  There is no escape, only flight… like orbiting earth to escape the Night.

Night is a position illusion.  Yes it is a relative thing, but the frogs die in earnest.  Night is when we are half-asleep to Moshe the Beadle weeping our impending doomNeo-feudalism is the goal and the latter-day Nazis are working their stupid head puppets to take “our country” back… to the Middle Ages… complete with armed fiefdoms, overlords, theocratic hoo-doo and pandemic death.  Some fun, eh kid?

Permaculture is the prime mover of slipcraft


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