Electric car on Ferenginar

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She never forgets a place

"Versatile means I can change with ease from one thing to another." --Charlotte

say god not ton dog yas  

Nothing is up to chance a head.

Plugger player schemer sled.   

What can you say about pluggers?  They are the ones who do things.  Especially things nobody else wants to do.  Sometimes they do things no body should do.  Pluggers load gas chambers first with other than there self.  Any player can pray  plugger to pile a tunch of bunnage onto a sled and drag it out to the middle of a shit lagoon.  One  might ask how much or soon but one knows the score and dun it b4.  Strike is 4 pluggers who say, “Get r dun sun bay at the moon.”

When a cane  twirl tongue round diamond ring finger and player want to play to pay no wear- they buy the dice.  Sometimes they are loaded player and dice when both are… playing nice if player and dice are not aware the stone pony is phony.  Any good philosophers stone can turn it to gold ride away on top of what bribes the cop and pays the judges crucifiction lingers.  Fine dust under rug ends up in brands on schemers fingers.  They carry DA coin for players.  A player who does not buy the game is no player at all.

Only a schemer will buy the game along with the dice in a mice box where schemers come in: everywhere.  Schemers do not do things.  Schemers plan things.  They tell you to plan your work and work your plan.  Plan to trap them.  Right square in the head they say planning is working and schemers like working at planning.  Then they tell you about God’s Plan.  God does not plan.  Schemers plan.  Deus lo volt.  God wills those cheese logs dragged out there on the back of some poor sled.

Sleds are canon fodder.  Sleds are pluggers who do not get paid.  The only thing a sled will not take is a clue.  That is why pluggers must get a clue themselves.  Whether sleds think about what is on top of them will boggle the stones of any philosopher.  Life to a sled is like math to a dog.  How much is that dogma in the window who always barks twice in a dimming metaphor on tin-pan alley?  Bone and blood is the price of coal.  Any sled dreams about being a Coltrane when they loaded on part of the price.

OK here’s the deal: god does not have a fucking plan.  God does not plan.  Schemers plan.  God Wills.  I am that I am.  Popeye the sailor man poops twice where is that damned dog.  Get it.  Schemers pick it up and scream it back in some kind of dog shit package.  Some plugger will be delivering it on the back of some sled some time soon so be ready to pay the Bill known as Will as in men of Goodwill taking your couch away.  You new you are going to have to pay. Going to tell about the rich uncle.

Going is the sound of a Spring.  So is doing.  Being is that little thing to call the concierge as you check out.  Living is on the handlebar of your trike clearing the empty-side walk ahead.  Players do not need a clue.  A clue is like a bird whistles not a game with Professor Plumb where we all being dumb.  Dad um dum dragnet queen patriarchy mulching sled into slut is compost…modernism.  It sure as hell is not god has a fucking plan does not what it appears to be.  It is illusion subtrafusion intrusion.

Stories do not have to be true.  You can keep it real but you can not make it real.  Reality is between the Creators intentions and when the pluggers come and read the funny papers.  These meta-4s are in all of USAs we up check on the daily basis point to fro the lagoon brew-forth froth loose a flatulent Gabriel turd blast.  One sits alone in the pew.  There is a Clue Train coming.  God is not a plan.  God is clue.  It can guide you out of  labyrinth Will you slip LA flight fantastic.  Sleds will scheme and spork.

Pluggers  can play sheet music on the smell side of a cork.


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  2. Hasa Diga Eebowai « waldopaper said, on July 12, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    […] you think about it, this is no different than the plugger-player-schemer-sled system that turned the USA deliberately from an industrial powerhouse to a nation of “process […]

  3. […] No thing is up to chance a head.  Versatile means I can change with ease from one thing to another." –Charlotte […]

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