Solve et Coagula

Posted in Stupid-heads by waldopaper on June 15, 2011

We’ve done it a thousand times. 

"Versatile means I can change with ease from one thing to another." --Charlotte

We are on a mission.  It starts when we are born.  The head tilting horn bop start forlorn.  We begin to figure out we hear and there compare.  Who are we and where or what is she on point distraction begin dot pair.  Really distraction or clue to the mission or mission itself do you think?  Give distraction name like Charlotte in blink.  You see Charlotte face above cradle nothing more.  Sixty odd year later dream normal like normal dream talk dead people knowing is read in dream in dream in dream in dream in dream in dream.

But there they are animated converse nation dream our being there seeing their and tear and year about feared about weird about grandmother giving a mandate out some where beyond all the text about pretext and twitter and tweet sigh high Wiener happen in sweet bye and buy.  Pass by a friend still living in hall around fall around World War I and Verdun ask you on a mission too.  Now you are in a Department Store to buy a bread thing.  You forgot the proper name as soon as you found it.  There it is just like the old one.

You start to mess with it, the bread thing, and there she is: Charlotte.  She has a name tag that says that in some kind of hand-write script that could have been the company birds.  So Charlotte takes bread thing and then you have words.  Then you are going to see the manager.  She’s an attractive gal, but what a mouth.  The words, that is, and the elevator guy says the manager name, and points you toward his office.  “Oh now,” says Charlotte, “It has become a battle of wits.”  Then you are down by the cold one-way exit.

Charlotte fails to trick you, and you walk away from the exit and out of the dream.  That is when you wake up and remember the story of a man who dreamed he was a butterfly, and when he awoke to be a man who forgot if he was a man dreaming of being a butterfly and so forth.  Who the hell knows what butterflies dream?  Or what dead persons dream or dead persons dreaming of being alive and so forth.  But Charlotte is still out there and doing just fine may she live a long and happy life.

But Charlotte sure as hell is not your sainted mother but she is just as real as everything else (so deserves respect) and unless you got prosopagnosia or something, Charlotte is real as face over cradle.  Remember most,if not all of them (faces that is), but forget the name sometimes.  Does not mean not important not ordinary but not forget the mission.  The mission is life.  Dream or no is a thing for silly fucks to think. Charlotte is absolutely no stupid-head which is why she commands attention and gets it.

It is not always a bad experience and the last encounter with Charlotte is quite pleasant.  She usually has a name to distract from the mission.  When lights in theatre grow dim and curtain will rise or fall for last time honor scuttlebutt floating in air above cradle with face as real as air as lung as poster as hung as brother as law as quick as draw as toaster.  When all is said cum five alive or dreaming dead.  When all is clear the end is near and dear and doze and heaven knows and wandering all dot jazz.

Remember a face like Charlotte has. 


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  1. hybridrogue1 said, on October 25, 2011 at 9:23 pm



  2. hybridrogue1 said, on October 25, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    so where are you compared to Evensville?

    • waldopaper said, on February 11, 2012 at 3:55 am

      Up in the opposite corner.

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