Posted in Stupid-heads by waldopaper on May 22, 2011

People who really believe there is a “Left vs. Right:”

“Look-out!  Here they come!”

Naturally, YOU are not a stupid-head.  Stupid-heads do not read.  Even if they can read, they have no interest in reading…

Bob Altemeyer’s The Authoritarians:  stupid-heads are usually authoritarian followers.  So this is not a shout-out to stupid-heads, this is a warning: “Look out!  Here they come!” It’s a crazy paradox to say, “them” because there is a bit of stupid-head in ALL of us.  The authoritarians have conditioned most of us to believe in the “left vs. right” liberal-conservative Republican-Democrat false dichotomy as real.  It is bullshit.  HERE is the terrible truth:

We don’t have much time. Oh, life is precious and fleeting in the best of times… but this ain’t one of those… and it’s going to get worse… and here’s why:

There is no “government.” There is no “political process.” There is no “country.” The great collective that passes for the USA is merely a network of corporate fiefdoms controlled by professional looters who are turning imaginary paper into machines, food and protected territory as fast as they possibly can… because they know the approaching die-off will convert monetary feudalism to the real feudalism of fortresses, food and weapons.

Right now, if you can’t reach into your back pocket and pull out eight-figures worth of paper without breathing hard… you may as well not exist. You are fertilizer. The celebrity actors and actresses passing for “political candidates” keep the charade going either because they’re stupid enough to actually believe it or because they are being paid to recite their lines on cue. Some participate out of vanity or hope of getting more paper to convert.

We are “human resources,” not that different from any other commodity… things of value that can be used. Right now, there is a surplus of “human capital,” and that means your life is cheap. If you do not exist to “create wealth” for the professional looters, your life is worthless. Disturb the great chain of force (unlikely—but possible),  you must be destroyed, and your fellow serfs will stuff you up a chimney for a wish-sandwich and a bottle of pizz.

What to “DO” about it? Oh yeah… we always have to “DO” something. Well, we’ve “done” enough already… because we’re so far behind the thinking part, the “doing” part is destructive. It’s like asking a cow-chip about medical triage. The least we can DO is stop nattering about “Ron Paul” or “9-11 Truth,” “electing Democrats” or whatever as the magic bean that’s going to grow a stalk up to the Golden Goose and the Magic Harp.

All we have is each other, and half of us would eat the other half… and would grasp any kind of bullshit “ideology” that would excuse gnawing on Granny’s haunches to cure the tummy rumbles. We have to find others to form an underground railroad to escape serfdom and slavery. Searching but not finding understanding any way…

We’re lost in this masquerade.

So next time you hear a stupid-head bleating about “lib-rul” or “con-surv-utive,” invite them out for a nice cup of shut-the-fuck-up.  We don’t have TIME  for this shit.  Unless the bleating stupid-head owns a few dozen corporations and their own private island, and that’s no stupid-head.

There is a way out of this nonsense.

They” even have their own lingua franca– Teabonics!  It’s codes!  It’s memes!  It ain’t what it seems!  So as the late, great Joe Bageant said, “Let’s Drink to the Slobbering Classes.”  I can’t put down the stupid-heads.  I would be right there with them.  Like Joe says, “…working folks need an organized labor movement to represent them. Not the disorganized one we have that seems so determined to pull out a pistol and blow its own tit off.”

We all need Joe’s notion of liberty. 


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